We acknowledge that all of us living in this region named “New England” by those who colonized it, are living on the stolen homelands of the Wampanoag, Pequot, Nipmuc, Narragansett, Abenaki, Wabanaki, and other Algonqui-an language-speaking peoples of the Northeast.

  • Our homes, schools, and places of work and worship are built on colonized ground, appropriated through a series of actions intended to destroy, seize, or diminish Indigenous people, culture, and resources.
  • We seek to live into these historical realities, the impacts of settler colonialism, and the ways that profit and harm still derive from these acts.
  • We affirm the identities, languages, and cultures of the many Native peoples still living among us today.
  • We respectfully support the healing and restoration underway and yearn for genuine justice and peace in our time and for generations to come.

This land acknowledgment was read at the beginning of the “Looking Deeply at Thanksgiving: The journey to a new Thanksgiving built on justice & right relationship” program held on Nov. 19, 2020. It was written primarily by Andy Grant with some edits by Peter Blood & Leslie Manning for use during this event. Andy indicates that he would appreciate feedback on this work in progress. You can contact him at andrew.palmer.grant at gmail.com.